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I can help you install Korean Installing and Typing Korean on Windows XP
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What will this tutorial do?
This tutorial will show you how to install Korean typing and display ability for ALL programs running on all versions of Windows XP.  These steps also make it possible to install programs written in Korean originally intended to be installed on the Korean version of Windows.

Adding Korean to your PC
Step 1: Regional and Language Options
Step 2: Install files for East Asian languages
Step 3: Add a Korean Keyboard
Step 4: Running Korean Programs on Windows XP

Typing in Korean
Step 5: Changing to Korean Type Mode
Step 6: Minimizing the Language Bar

Step 7: Typing in Korean
Step 8: Korean Language Bar shortcuts

back to topStep 1: Regional and Language Option
A. Choose "Date, Time, Language, and Regional Options" from Windows XP Control Panel.

Install Korean - Windows XP 1

B: From the Pick a task... area click "Add other languages".

Install Other Languages Windows XP

back to topStep 2: Install files for East Asian languages
There are 3 tabs on the top of the page that will open up in the "Regional and Language Options" area. Click on the one labeled "Languages".

Click the checkbox on for "Install files for East Asian languages". This will NOT require your Windows XP disk, but it will take a few minutes depending on your computer's specs.

After these files have installed click the "Details" button and move to Step 3 explained on this page.

Regional and Language Options


back to topStep 3: Add a Korean Keyboard
After clicking the "Details" button on the windows above the following screen will display. Click the "Add" button to add Korean input capability to your Windows XP system. 
Scroll down and select "Korean". If you do not see Korean as an option make sure you completed Step 2 on this page.

You DO NOT have to set your default input language to Korean. It is recommended that you keep default input language as English. After you add a Korean keyboard the window should look like the graphic below.

1. Click "Add". 2. Choose Korean input language and keyboard layout/IME.
Add Korean Keyboard - Windows XP Choose Input Language

Select Korean


back to topStep 4 (optional): Running Korean Programs on Windows XP
Now that you have completed Steps 1-3 you can go back to the "Regional and Language Options".  From here click the 3rd tab on the top labeled "Advanced". 

This tab is the MOST IMPORTANT tab if you would like 100% Korean support in all programs installed and or wish to install Korean programs on your computer.

All you need to do is select "Korean" in the first and only drop down list on this page.  You DO NOT have to do anything in the "Code page conversion tables".  After selecting "Korean" click OK and then close out all other windows.  Now proceed to the final step.

Run Korean Programs on Windows XP


back to topStep 5: Changing to Korean Type Mode
Now your computer can display and type Korean in all programs installed.  Open up Office Word, Word Pad, Note Pad to test typing in Korean.  With your cursor placed on a new document somewhere on your screen you will notice a Language Bar. 
Click the "EN English" and then select "KO Korean (Korea)". This will change the Language Bar's appearance.

Change to Korean language in windows XP  

Korean Language Bar - Windows XP


back to topStep 6: Minimizing the Language Bar
You do not need the language bar on the screen at all times to type Korean. In step 10 you will learn some very handy shortcuts that allows you to keep the Language Bar hidden. To minimize the language bar right click on the far left portion of the language bar and click "Minimize".

This will put the Language Bar near the clock in the Windows XP task bar. From there you can easily change your input language.

Minimize Windows XP Korean Language Toolbar

Step 7: Typing in Korean
In any text editor or Office application you can now type Korean.
Make sure that you have selected Korean as your language. NOTE: Unless your cursor is placed in a program that types you might not see the language option.

 Minimized Korean Language Toolbar Windows XP


back to top

Step 7B: Finding the Korean characters on your Keyboard
Unlike Chinese and Japanese you don't type Korean using roman letters. Instead you type each part of the hangul character. However western keyboards don't have hangul on them so you won't know which key to push.

There are 3 options for knowing where the hangul characters are:

1. Purchase a Korean keyboard
2. Purchase Korean hangul keyboard stickers for your existing keyboard.
3. Print a free Korean keyboard layout.

Click to view / save bigger resolution version

Korean Keyboard Layout

Step 7C: Completing a Korean Character when typing
Once you are in the correct input mode in your document, let's type a practice word. Let's type the Korean word 하다. Even though this is "H-A-D-A" this is NOT how you will type it. Instead you will type the keys "G-K-E-K".

 Typing Hangul

An incomplete character will be underlined. You do NOT have to do anything to complete a character. If you don't have any typos the character will complete automatically as you type. If you hit space the character will complete automatically.

back to topStep 7D: Typing full sentences in Korean
You do not have to choose the correct hangul from a list when typing Korean. As long as you keep typing and don't have any typos the proper hangul will display. If it doesn't display properly... you have made a mistake in your Korean.

Step 8: Korean Language Bar shortcuts
A big pet peeve of mine is watching people change the language bar settings by manually clicking on them.
It's time consuming if you are switching back and forth a lot.

You can easily switch language options and even input methods with the following short cuts.

1. Change to another language on the fly.

If you have other languages installed, this will cycle through each on.

2. Change input type (Hangul, English)

NOTE: Only the RIGHT side ALT key works to change the input type.
This is handy if you are already in Korean input mode and want to switch back and forth between typing English and Korean.



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